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Best Signature Maker Tools for Signing Document 2017

Signature Maker 2017 Free Online for Document Signing Contract

Best Signature Maker in 2017

Signature Maker 2017 is one of the most popular tools when you are going to attach your own signature in a digital document such as word document or PDF document, a very powerful and easy tool that is easy to use and can be downloaded for free and save it as PNG or image file so that you can insert your signature next time without hassle, now if you are looking for the best tool for making your signature then this is the right place for you to create your signature using your PC or Laptop or even your Tablet or Mobile devices.

Easy and Simple Steps on how to Create your Signature from Signature Maker

  • First this is an online free tool so you are required to have an internet connection and a PC or Laptop of course.
  • now just open your browser and go to Signature Creator.
  • In a first glance you will see this page (see screenshot below) just click the highlighted button on the screenshot.

signature maker free

  • After you click the button “Create My Signature” you will see another window or page in which you can now start creating your signature (Please see screenshot below)

Signature Creator steps and guide

So as you can see I input my signature there and I also put arrow marks with number for your guide.

  1. Pen Width – This is to let you choose how darker your signature is, if you choose more thickness then this option will give you an exact of what you are preffered, the thickness option is from 1, 2, 3, 4 until number 5.
  2. Pen Color – The default pen color of it is black so if there is something you want to test or it is required for you to choose color blue what ever color you might like then this option will do.
  3. Signature Box – This is the area where you are going to create your signature by just simply long press the left mouse click and create signature.
  4. Clear – If you made a mistake on creating your signature then this button will clear your current signature and start over for a new one until you are satisfied for your signature creation.
  5. Save – If you are done creating your signature, the next thing you will do is to save it on your pc, the default image extension use for this tool is PNG so you can insert it anywhere in your document, after you click it you will see a button below of it just click that and the signature you created will now start downloading (see screenshot below).

download signature you created

We put a number for your guide the screenshot above, make sure you are satisfied for your signature and click the #1 button which is save, after clicking that a read button will appear below of it that saiys “Download Signature #1”, the more signature you created and click the more button appear below #2.

After clicking the read button your signature will now save as .png file, you now have your own digital signature for all of your documents.

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