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Blogging Tutorial Using Blogger Without Any Expenses

How To Start Blogging And Earn Money

Start Blogging using Blogger

Hey, guys it’s me Bryan G. Granse the owner and a solo writer of this blog InfoMobileWeb.com but I have a lot of friends out there that helping me posting new blog post, so the first question that come’s first in you mind is How can I start Blogging? Is Blogging can Earn Money? Is there any free site to start blogging? well I tell you frankly that is also my question I came to an idea but I don’t know how, so in this case I am going to reveal an easy way to start blogging and of-course I will answer all of the question that might help you a lot.

How Can I Start Blogging

This is the best question I always encounter, my friends always asking me about that, first thing you need to do is think what kind of blog category you are going to wrote, either it’s Travel, Marketing Strategy, Beach & Inland Resort, Game’s Like Pokemon Go or IOS Game as well as Android Game, News, Tutorials, Technology and many more to mention, if you choose a category let say Technology I suggest that you know a lot of things about technology for example on how to fix mobile devices or computer’s etc. Me, if you made up your mind and decided to choose your category of choice then the next thing you need to do is where you can wrote your blog? and that is the best question you have because for me blogging can help a lot of person out there who needs information because whether we like it or not information now a days is very much important.

It helps millions of people, i mean all people around the world and sharing information is sexy as what Harsh Agrawal a blogger and owner of ShoutMeloud, he’s blog inspire’s me a lot, that is why I wrote this to have my own personal thoughts and to help many more people, I tell you that blogging is seriously needed of 100% (one hundred percent) effort, so it’s really sounds like boring but if you do LOVE writing your own blog then Blogging is not boring at all in-fact its so challenging for me its is really challenging, now I am not gonna go so far let’s start talking about how you are going to start blogging.

If you need to write a blog for free without any extra cost like purchasing a domain and or purchasing a hosting I highly recommend Blogger as a free blog posting just visit Blogger website and just simply Login using your Google Gmail Account if you don’t have just signup there and use it to log in, after you log in you need to create your blogger free sub domain (ex. pinoyonlineresource.blogspot.com) and then choose a free blogger template, you can google free template, below are the complete guide on how to do it.


Start Blogging Using Blogger

This is the number 1 recommended for all new in the world of blogging so if you are planning to have your own blog without expenses and only just your self, time and imaginations well Blogger is the solution of it.

We are going to show you how to start blogging using blogger, this is very easy and friendly user application own by Google, you can create your own blog site domain like for example (pinoyonlineresource.blogspot.com), and also we will going to teach you how to create your first post, insert label or tags, and customize content, html coding, as well as setting up a blog post schedule, below are the full video for creating your first blog, make sure you have a Gmail account because this is needed for you to login in Blogger.

So now if you are done setting up your first blogger domain and blog post, your next step is of-course  how you can setup your desired blogger template just search free blogger template from google and extract the file then locate the .xml file, please see the video below for the complete tutorial.


Is Blogging Can Earn Money?

Yes! you can earn money by just only writing a blog content and have a lot of visitor’s you can generate money, by simply displaying an affiliate marketing or the one’s best now is a Google Adsense in my case I use two it’s Google Adsense & InfoLinks this two can both working awesome! I use it since I was get approve by Google Adsense. But I read some blog site that say’s blogger is not good for blogging but for me its fine, and by the way google giving a permission to apply a google adsense in you blogger account if you reach a minimum of visitors from your blog, it means that you need to work harder to have more visitor, blogger is always a free blogging site that is own by Google Company.



The Complete Guide to start Blogging.

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