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Trending 2016 Election on Social Media Post

Philippine 2016 Election is now happening here in the Philippines so if you are a Filipino and a certified voters share your thoughts and experience and what is your opinion for those candidate that is knocking your heart to vote, I myself is a voters so we will vote wisely, here in Davao Del Norte we are all solid Duterte Supporters, we are looking and eager for a change because Davao City is known as one of the safest place and also when we say of registered Voters Davao is the Top 2 of having a lot of voters registered, and all of the things happen in Philippine 2016 election from all over the Philippines we are hoping for a big change as what the respected prophets in other country says that after the election people will gain prosperous and have a bless country with less of corruption which is the biggest problem here in the Philippines which cause poverty and lots of unemployed Filipino.

Now that Philippine 2016 Election is happening social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. is one of the best tool for sharing thoughts and opinion that all of us is using, we share funny videos, and get inform of what is currently happening so thanks for the Facebook, below are some trending photos that posted in facebook, (Some is just for fun) that is how social media networks influence us.

Ailen Albiso This post is posted by Ailen Albiso which shows here supports to the Davao city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, he says that “Clouds Say “Tapang at Malasakit, Du30”..Langit na ang humatol. Perion.

Simple but full of meaning that he vote wisely.












Kapamilya Love Team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla Get Bashed in Social Media After Taking Selfie in Voting Area


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This two Kapamilya Love Team get bashed after they posted selfie while voting, since we all know that taking photos is really prohibited, they are the first timer voters but they show unpleasant things as what Comelec say’s that Taking Photos is prohibited and will be punished in prison for 6 to 7 years, so sad but why is that they never know about the rules. So we will wait for what COMELEC will take action for this, we hope that this will never get bias to everyone.

Sarah Duterte says that Rules is Rules!

rules is rules

Sarah Duterte- Carpio says to people who want to take Picture while she is holding in her voting form, but she says “Huwag! Bawal Yan. Rules is Rules.!” see the difference? so if you are a certified Filipino voters you must follow the rules

That’s A Good Sample on Following Simple Rules.

This is posted by Mugstora which is qouted “si inday sara picturan ng mga tao na may hawak ang balota. pero sabi niya. wag bawal yan. RULES IS RULES.. SEE? good example. sikat na marunong pang sumunod sa batas. Inday Sarah Duterte- Carpio nagboto na sa Daniel R. Aguinaldo National High School iyang mensahe : “WIN or LOSE daghang salamat lalo na sa mga volunteers na tumulong.” Ito yung DISIPLINA!

(c) Proud Bisaya”


Funnies Photos that is posted on Social Media Photos for Election 2016

I get compiled some of the funniest photos that is being shared in Facebook, this is shared for different facebook users.

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Thank you for visiting us, share your thought and leave comment below of this post, you ask first to login your facebook accounts or disqus account.




2016 Elections

Duterte For President - 90%
Post for Prisedent - 70%
Meriam Santiago - 55%
Mar Roxas - 34%
Jejomar Binay - 18%



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